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4 H Kaitlyn Hodges, 2nd communications, Keylee Harmon, 4th History, Sarah Grace Hunter, 1st Human Development, Ty Todd, 1st Companion Animal Science, Tyler Hunter, 1st Sport 

Ethan Peacock  won the "If I Were Mayor Essay Contest" for our district. He is one of 12 winners in the state.

6th Grade Advanced Math - 1st place out of 10 counties, 8th in the state, Georgia Mathematics League Contest Ben Proctor 2nd place individual in region and 19th in the state and Mitchell Waters 3rd place in region and 28th in state

7th Grade Advanced Math - 3rd in the region and 20th in the state Georgia Mathematics League Contest

Daytona Crosby - Awarded Averitt Center Scholarship

Penny Sikes Math Tournament:  Overall Individual Winners: 2nd Place Mitchell Waters, 3rd Place Karen Zhang, 7th Place Ben Proctor, 9th Place Drew Davis, 10th Place Jacob Buck Team Ciphering - 3rd Place  Overall: 2nd Place 


Language Expression:    1st Place - 6th grade- Madison Grams

                                                2nd Place – 6th Grade – Sabrina Gale

                                                1st Place – 7th grade – John Daniel Collins

                                                3rd Place – 7th Grade  - Makayla James

                                                1st Place – 8th Grade – Chyann Hoyle

                                                2nd Place – 8th Grade - Sydney Fritch

Capitalization/Punctuation:       2nd Place- 6th Grade – Micayla Kicklighter

                                                                3rd Place – 6th Grade – Drew Hart

                                                                1st Place – 7th Grade – Anna Forbes

                                                                2nd Place – 7th Grade – Jordan Whitley

                                                                2nd Place – 8th Grade – Haley Parrish

                                                                3rd Place – 8th Grade – Laura Beth Bland

Mental Concentration: 2nd Place- 6th Grade-Jacob Buck

                                                1st Place – 7th Grade – Collin McBride

                                                2nd Place – 7th Grade Jahred Harrison

                                                2nd Place – 8th Grade – Skyler Shuman

                                                3rd Place – 8th Grade – Genevieve Masters

Spelling:              3rd Place- 6th Grade-Emily Burgin

                                2nd Place- 7th Grade-Hailey Herring

Usage:                  1st Place- 7th Grade – Emma Cardenas

Vocabulary:        1st Place- 6th Grade – Drew Davis

                                2nd Place-6th Grade - Antonio Buenrostro

                                3rd Place – 6th Grade-Maddie Adams

                                3rd Place – 7th Grade-Abigail McMickle

                                2nd Place – 8th Grade - Madi Blackburn

Writing:               3rd Place – 6th Grade - Madison Martin

                                2nd Place – 7th Grade – Kristen Hendrix

                                1st Place – 8th Grade – Kylea Carroll

                                3rd Place – 8th Grade – Meredith Greene

Overall Winner for 6th, 7th, 8th Grade, and school

Georgia Southern Math Tournament-  Four out of the top 10 teams in this division were from our school. SEB Team 2, which consisted of Lachlan Roe, Geneveive Masters, Logan Sauls and Skyler Shuman, placed 2nd out of 42 teams. Team 1, consisting of Laurabeth Bland, Morgan Oliff, Chyann Hoyle, and Haley Parrish placed 4th overall, only 35 points out of 3rd place. Team 4, consisting of April Cintron, Steven Hughes, Colin McBride, and Abbey McMillan placed 6th overall; this was a pretty impressive accomplishment being that they were all 7th graders. Team 3, consisting of Emma Cardenas, Garrett Coltham, Megan Fouche, and Hunter Higgs, finished 7th overall.

Georgia Southern Math Tournament- There were 168 students who competed in Division II and took the individual test. Seven out of the top 20 students that took the individual test were from our school. Those 7 people are: Chyann Hoyle, Skyler Shuman, Lachlan Roe, Emma Cardenas, Logan Sauls, Laurabeth Bland, and Geneveive Masters. We were the most recognized public school in our division. We should all be very proud of these students.

Allison Davis - 8th Grade - 3rd Place County Winner DAR Essay

Melissa Mackelprang - 1st place 7th Grade County Winner DAR Essay

Karen Zhang - 1st Place 6th Grade County Winner DAR Essay

Tech Fair- Kaleigh Mattos - 1st Place Digital Photography in county and 3rd in state, Hailey Herring - 2nd Place Web 2.0 Internet Applications, Maya Gapac & Layla Martin - 3rd place Web 2.0 Internet Applications, Libby Williams - Digital Photography Participant

PAGE Academic Quiz Bowl Runner-ups

1st Place Stock Market Game - Jake Baker

Cheerleaders - 4th place Gamecock Challenge

Teacher Megan Troutt was awarded the "Office Max Teacher for a day" award that included $1400 worth of supplies.

Trevor Miller  and Giage Billingsley - FFA "Life as an American" Essay Contest

Brianna Ellis - 1st Chair Percussion Atlantic Armstrong Honor Band

Brianna Ellis - Placed in the Gold Division in the Southeastern United States Honor Band

Johnathon Hurst - Placed in the Cardinal Division in the Southeastern United States Honor Band

Avery West - Placed in the Silver Division in the Southeastern United States Honor Band

Spelling Bee - 1st Place Gaby Pendleton and Alex Spargo runner-up

Geography Bee – 1st Place Garrett Coltham and Jillian King runner-up