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Metter Middle School Weight Meet - 1st place overall; 116-125: Mitchell Waters (1st), Ryan Swanson (3rd), Dylan Brown (4th); 126-135: Josh Lemons (3rd), DeJon Reed (4th), Justin Williams (5th); 136-145 Jacob Martin (4th); 146-155 Jamari Daniel (2nd), Darius Lovett (5th); 156-165 Kyle Sellers (4th), Trey Story (6th); 166-175 Ethan Shannon (1st), Ben Proctor(2nd); 176-190 Peyton Carr and LaDarion James (4th); 191-205 Trace Shuman (1st), Logan Gomex (2nd); 206 - above RaShode Hobbs (2nd), Walker Fordham (4th)

TAG Education Collaborative, Atlanta Science Festival, and HowStuffWorks Launch 4th Annual Middle School Web Design Competition - Cosmic Storm Team : Jacob Buck, Drew Davis, and Zane Hawkins - Honorable MentionPageant - People's Choice: Haylee Dye; Miss Photogenic: Grace Kennedy; Miss Congeniality: Hannah Clay; 6th Grade 2nd Runner-up: Gracie Rogers; 6th Grade 1st Runner-up:Haylee Dye; 6th Grade Princess: Rebecca Dilas; 7th Grade 2nd Runner-up:Hannah Clay; 7th Grade 1st Runner-up: Taylor Soles; 7th Grade Princess: Sydney Claire Smith; 8th Grade 2nd Runner-up: Keylee Harmon; 8th Grade 1st Runner-up: Mallorey Thompson; 8th Grade Princess: Victoria Sapp; MISS SEBMS: Grace Kennedy

Write-Off Winners- Mental Concentration - 2nd - Kate Muldrew, 2nd - Hannah Parsons, 3rd - Drew Hart; Narrative Writing - 3rd, Rebecca Dilas, 1st- Cross Hennessee, 3r - Madison Martin; Persuasive Writing - 2nd - Libby Williams; Punctuation/ Capitolization - 1st - Anna Clifton, 3rd - Jonah Jones, 1st - Mackenzie Hoffman, 3rd, Enrico Soriano, 1st - Ethan Peacock; Spelling - 3rd - Jada Scott, 1st - Worlanyo Gato, 1st - Rachel Middleton; Usage / Language & Expression -  2nd River Beasley, 1st - Hadley Mims, 2nd - Madison Patrick, 1st - Hannah Clay, 1st - Isabella Kersey; Vocabulary - 3rd - Katelyn Bragg, 2nd - Sean Robertson, 3rd - Madi Adams, 2nd - Karen Zhang

Penny Sikes Math Tournament - 2nd Place Overall; Individual Scores - Katie Brantley - 6th, Dalton Stokes - 8th, Dylan DeTerra - 9th, Jacob Rawlins - 10th. 

Young Georgia Author Winner - Alex Spargo - 8th Grade

Red Cross Youth Service Award - Jonah Jones, Elizabeth Wiggins, Emily Wiggins, Chloe Branch, Hannah Clay, Taylor Soles, Austin Moore, Madi Patrick, Maddie Laesser

VFW Writing Contest Winners - Karen Zhang (1st place - school, county, district will go to state), Drew Hart (2nd Place), Angel Bazemore (3rd place)

Spelling Bee Winners - Worlanyo Gato (1st place - school and 3rd place-county) and Dylan DeTerra (Runner-up-school)

Geography Winner - Carson Mitchell

Tech Fair Winners - 1st Place in the county / 2nd place in state: 3D Modeling – James Hodges & Krenson Kniphfer,  Animation – Karen Zhang, Mobile Apps – Zane Hawkins, Multimedia Applications – Jenna McCumbers & Tyra German, Video Production – Elizabeth Wiggins & Chloe Branch;3rd Place:Audio Production – Jonah Jones

Football - Region Play-offs

Cross Country - Boys and Girls attended state meet

Cheerleading - 2nd Place "Battle in the 'Boro"

Basketball - All Region players: Leah Williford, Jayden Smith, Ben Proctor, Ryan Swanson

Softball - Region Runner-Ups