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Georgia Mathematics League

6th grade - 7th in the state; tied for 1st in the Region

Noah Burnham-1st in the Region

Isabelle Ackerly, Lillian Edwards, Nathan Newkirk - tied for 3rd in the region

7th grade - 7th in state; 1st in the region

Victor Lee -  tied for 1st in the region

William Wu - 3rd in the region 

8th Grade - 7th in the state; 2nd in the region

Eric Lim - 1st in the Region

Jerry Fu - 3rd in Region 

Young Georgia Authors School Winner - Dani Tawes

Baseball Region Champions

Girls Basketball Region Champions

Georgia Southern Math Tournament

Middle School Division I – 62 Teams

SEBMS Team 1 – 1st Place

Eric Lim, Victor Lee, William Wu, Jerry Fu

SEBMS Team 2 – 3rd Place

Nicholas Langes, Cohen Kessler, Carlos Pacheco, Mason McNeely

Middle School Division I – 237 students

1st Place – Eric Lim

2nd Place – Victor Lee

3rd Place – Nicholas Langes

5th Place – William Wu

6th Place – Jerry Fu

Pi Day Recitation Winners

1st place: Nathan Wilson -  66 digits

2nd place: Jack Bridges - 55 digits 

3rd place tie: Natasha Herrera & Dawson Calhoun - tied for 31 digits

Penny Sikes Math Competition

2nd overall Team and 2nd ciphering: 

Jack Bridges

Piper Coleman 

Sydney Cowart 

Elikem Gato 

Bowen Kicklighter 

Mason McNeely 

Emily Peacock 

Carly Peden 

Noah Streetman

10th -overall individual Jack Bridges
1st - overall Mason McNelly

2018-19 Savannah Chapter MATHCOUNTS Competition Results:  

**Team Results: 1st place team - Eric Lim, Jerry Fu, Victor Lee, William Wu (team will advance to State competition)

**Individual Results:  Eric Lim  (1st place individual)

                        Jerry Fu  (2nd place individual)

                        Victor Lee (3rd place individual)

                        William Wu  (5th place individual)

                                     Nicholas Langes (7th place individual and will advance to state)

                        Sachi Shah (10th place individual)

**Countdown Round Results: 1st place - Eric Lim

VFW - Writing Contest

     Nickolas Langes - 3rd school

     Elisabeth Evans - 2nd school

     Peyton Coulter - 1st place school, 1st place Post, 1st place District 6 of VFW, Special Post award, national

     VFW  pendant

Geo Bee School wide winner and state qualifier - Nick Langes

Geo Bee Team Winners

6 Blue - Jack Bridges

6 Gold - Noah Burnham

6 Jackets - Kinleigh Lewis

7 Blue - Kellen Daley

7 Gold - Eric Todd

7 Jackets - Lindsey Horton

8 Blue- Connor Barrow

8 Gold - Nickolas Langes

8 Jackets - Weston Calhoun

Write-Off Champs

Persuasive Speaking: 1st Jack Bridges (6th), 1st Katie Ann Shaver(7th)

Narrative Writing: 2nd Vega Shutte (6th), 2nd Faith Reinbold (7th), 2nd Anastacia Griswold (8th)

Argumentative Writing: 1st Emily Peacock (6th), 2nd Malliaka Tariq (7th), 1st Katelyn Brannen (8th)

Vocabulary: 1st Elikem Gato (6th), 2nd Nickolas Langes (8th), 1st Katherine Parrish(1st)

Usage & Language Expression: 2nd Braydon Anderson (7th), 1st Kellen Daly (7th), 2nd Chazz Shuman (8th)

Spelling: 1st Elikem Gato (6th), 2nd Eric Lim (8th), 1st Sachi Shah (8th)

Capitalization & Punctuation: 2nd Molly Griswold (7th), 2nd Tyler Smith (8th), 1st Eric Lim (8th)

Southeast District 4-H Project Achievement 

- Maraina Cooper – 1st Place in Arts 

- Harmony Brown – 1st Place in Cat Care

- Elikem Gato - 1st Place in Historic People

- Noah Streetman - 1st Place in Poultry & Egg Science

- Isabelle Cruz - 1st Place in Individual Sports

4-H County Project Achievement

- Maraina Cooper - 2nd Place in Arts 

- Harmony Brown - 2nd Place in Cat Care

- Kaylin Joyner - 2nd Place in Dog Care & Training

- Elikem Gato - 1st Place in Historic People

- Noah Streetman - 1st Place in Poultry & Egg Science

- Isabelle Cruz - 1st Place in Individual Sports

- Daisy Calhoun - 4th Place in Wildlife

Pennys for Patients: School Total: $1523.67

Chess: Dalton Bouknight was awarded 4th place out of 40 middle school students in the district,  who competed at his age,  for the region at the Ogeechee River Scholastic Association (ORSCA) Chess Tournament on Saturday, February 9th, at Julia P. Bryant.

Tech Fair 2019 Regional Fair - E.Evans 1st and state qualifier, T. Mortimore participant, T. Holley 2nd, M. Tariq 2nd, W. Wu 2nd, C. Peden participant, D. Mortimore 2nd

FERST Money Collected - $241.92 - 6 Blue donated the most!

Georgia Southern Athletics and the College Football Playoffs Foundation Winner $500 Mrs. Beasley

Outdoor classroom provided by Travis Rushing - Eagle Scout Project

Softball finished 17-5 & 3rd in the region

Cheer - 1st place at the Gamecock Challenge at Eagle Creek; Keanna Stovall won 1st place in the Jump Off 

Spelling Bee - First place school and 1st place district E. Gato, School Level Runner-up E. Lim

Book Bus Art Contest winner - E. Evans


Vision: SEBMS is a supportive learning environment where respect is shown, strong relationships are built, and successful students are developed.

Mission: The mission of SEBMS is to inspire and empower students to thrive academically and socially through a positive learning community based on respectful relationships.

Motto: "SEBMS: The Place of Possibility"  

Greatest Gains and Highest Performing Award Winners - Silver