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Red Ribbon Week Poster Drawing Contest:

Katie Kniphfer (6th grade): 1st Place for the Middle School Division

Ella Faith Roundtree (7th grade): 1st Place for Bulloch County

Girls Tennis team Region Runner-up  

All-State Chorus-  Maya Padgett, Carli Cowan, Brittany Gordon, Allyssa Harrison 

Junior Floriculture team 1st in Area 4 

Junior Floriculture High Individual - Maylin Swint 

District 1 honor band Kempton Holley and Woelinam Gato 

Spelling Bee 1st Place - W. Gato, 2nd Place - L. Salter

Livestock Evaluation Team 2nd place in the Area 4 Region Contest. Team members are Caden Coffey, Lexi Morton, Kate Anna Newman and Aubrey Williams

YGA Winners 

6th Grade:

1st Place School, 1st Place District  Anna Claire Newman

2nd Place- Isabella Colon

3rd Place- Kaydence Bacon

7th Grade:

1st Place- Jaxon Thornton

2nd Place- Joseph Blissett

8th Grade:

1st Place- Chloe Chochran 

2nd Place- James Paramore

3rd Place- Ian Puzder

Nan-Rushing Write-Off Results 

Persuasive Speaking

6th grade 1st place- Charlotte Bridges

7th grade 1st place- Dane Gardner

8th grade 2nd place- Quinn Stoy

Narrative Writing

7th grade 2nd place- Christina Pacheco

7th grade 1st place-Emma Hilde

8th grade 1st place- Maylin Swint

Persuasive Writing

6th grade 2nd place- Sienna Fox

6th grade 1st place- Janie Cowan

7th grade 2nd place- Ella Faith Rountree

7th grade 1st place- Sarah Reddin

8th grade 2nd place- Stephanie Mendoza


6th grade 2nd place- William Gibbs

6th grade 1st place Reagan Ellis

7th Grade 2nd place Ashley Avera 

7th grade 1st place - Justine Woo

Usage and Language Expression

6th grade 1st place- Sandra Ngatia

7th grade 2nd place Ohm Pandya

8th grade 2nd place- John Toole


6th grade 1st place- Emily Johnson

7th grade 1st place- Amy Kersey

8th grade 1st place - Woelinam Gato

Capitalization and Punctuation

8th grade 2nd place- Caleb Johnson

Mental Concentration

8th grade 1st place- Kempton Holley

Southeast Bulloch Middle school won overall for 6th, 7th, and tied with William James for overall winner for 8th.

Southeast Bulloch Middle School won overall. 

Sixth-Grade Individual Winners
Jason Stevens, 10th, Southeast Bulloch Middle; Bryce Parrish, 9th, Bulloch Academy; Chaegeong Oh, 8th, William James Middle; Pierce Jarrell, 7th, Southeast Bulloch Middle; Janie Cowan, 6th, Southeast Bulloch Middle; Alina Bravo, 5th, Southeast Bulloch Middle; Christina Zheng, 4th, William James Middle; Sydney Lane, 3rd, Trinity Christian School; Austin Wheaton, 2nd, William James Middle;  Mia Kersey, 1st, Southeast Bulloch Middle; 

Penny Sikes Math Tournament

Sixth-Grade Team Ciphering Winners
Southeast Bulloch Middle School – 2nd Place
Overall Team Winners for Sixth Grade
Southeast Bulloch Middle School – 1st Place

FCCLA Rachel Clay and Isabella Conley won at State and are headed to Nationals.  Kamryn Williams did a great job at State and received a silver medal.