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School Supplemental Student Handbook

In addition to the Bulloch County Schools Student Handbook, Southeast Bulloch Middle School expects students to adhere to the Southeast Bulloch Middle School Supplemental Handbook.

Parking & Student Pick Up Protocols

In the interest of safety for our students and their families, we are making some adjustments to our afternoon car rider dismissal pick up line. This will hopefully reduce the amount of cars line up in the roadway and make it easier for cars to exit our campus. These new adjustments will begin on Monday, January 30. Please be patient as people get accustomed to the change.

  • As you enter campus, there will only be one line on the right-hand side.
  • This line will turn down the drive towards the gym.
  • You will loop around to the right and drive through the gym parking lot
  • You will then loop back towards the front entrance of the school
  • Once exiting the gym road, you will form two lines for car pick up
  • These two lines will operate as normal. Please follow the directors from the staff on duty
  • As you are released from the pick up area, your are released as a single line like normal
  • You may then split into two lines as you turn the corner (left lane if you are turning left our of campus; right lane if you are turning right)

In addition, we recently reinstituted the practice of students not walking through the parking lot without adult escorts. Parents are still able to park in available parking spots in our front parking lot. Parents choosing this option must exit their vehicle and meet their student at the flagpole. This has been our practice in the past, and this will help to ensure the students' safety as they walk to your vehicle. Please see some reminders below:

  • Please only use the entrance lane to enter the parking lot. Do not circle around the left side
  • Make sure your vehicle is in a parking spot
  • Please do not allow any younger children to play in the parking lot or surrounding area while waiting in the parking lot or car rider line
  • Do not park in our handicap zones unless you have a designated handicap sticker or tag
Southeast Bulloch Middle School Parking Map